My weekend trip- Petralwna Evrytanias

Well,what you can see in the photo is Velouchi, the snowy mountain we could also see from our house in the village Petralwna in Greece. We managed to get away for the weekend -it wasn't very difficult, all we had to do was make up our minds. So off we went and had a really peaceful and wonderful time in the countryside.


Not working

I am an English teacher but this school year I'm not working, I just sit at home with my son, spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen and pass the time thinking. Apart from the family thoughts, I also reflect on the state we have enforced upon our planet. I have always been interested in ways to keep the environment clean and healthy, for our sake most of all, but now I have come to realize we're not really making any progress. Governments still just care about their own benefit and the benefit of the rich, but what's worse, the people don't seem to change their habits-they continue polluting and destroying the beauty of nature. We will not live forever but our planet should (as long as it can of course).